Kubo Inventory has a huge database of implants, bone grafting material, membranes and stock abutments. New products are coming out all of the time so we have a system to add products that don't exist in our database. 

When a product is scanned and appears in the database, there will either be a blue badge or an orange exclamation badge. The blue badge means that the product has been verified by our team.

When you scan a product that has not been added to our database yet, you will be able to add this product and have it verified by our team for use by all Implant Manager users.

Fill out the form completely and make sure to take pictures of the box including a clear picture of the barcodes and product information. You will then be able to re-scan this product for your inventory. Once our team has review the product and made any necessary changes, the product will be verified and available to everyone.

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