December has been an exciting month for Implant Manager as we have been gathering user feedback (thank you) and have putting it into action! We are now processing 1000s of scans per day and we are growing rapidly. 

Healing Abutments & Biologics

We noticed a lot of users scanning healing abutments and biologics so we decided to make them first class categories to allow you to break up and visualize your inventory better. Don't use these products? No worries, we don't display these products on your dashboard until you scan at least one of them! 👍

To reduce confusion, the 'Abutments' category has been renamed to 'Final Abutments'. 

Managing Inventory Thresholds

Did you know you can set thresholds on products so you can be notified to order? Don't feel bad, a lot of our customers struggled to find it as well so we made a simple screen to manage all of your thresholds in one place. No excuses now!  See it in action here

Support for Products with Unsupported Barcodes

Everyone's favorite part of Implant Manager is scanning the products...but what happens if your product doesn't have a supported barcode? You can now add a product into inventory manually without barcode scanning. No need to search the entire database, we show you all the products you stock to make it as painless as possible. If we don't have the product, you can add it in less than 30 seconds (and never think about it again).

Low Inventory Emails (Beta)

Never run out of the products you need. We now send low inventory emails to anyone who wants them (by default only super admins will receive these emails). You can navigate to settings and enable/disable your notifications. Every morning we will process your inventory and if any products are below threshold, we will send you a summary of what needs to be ordered.  🎉

What's next?

We are always cooking up our next release and strive to push updates weekly to improve your service.  If you have feedback or an idea on how we can improve let us know!

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